Bali Wedding Cost? How much is it? Depends what you mean, really….

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Bali Wedding cost – a frequent question! Well, firstly….. what is a Bali Wedding?

A Bali Wedding Cost varies greatly depending on what A Bali Wedding means….  To some, it means an incredible clifftop venue, overlooking the crashing waves of the ocean.  To others, it’s a fabulous villa event, complete with fine dining and wonderful music.  Or it could be a jungle resort in Ubud, with the sounds of the nearby Ayung River tumbling over boulders.  With maybe 100s of guests flying in from all over the world

These weddings can cost anything from $25,000, up to ….. well, up to anything really.  The sky’s the limit for a Bali Wedding.

For others, the idea of slipping away quietly to a tropical island, perhaps with their children and/or a couple of close friends, to be married in a romantic and stress free setting – is all that is needed.  Simply wonderful and simply romantic. ❤

If you choose a Bali Elopement Wedding, this is what is offered.   In one of our suggested locations – or at a venue of your choosing.  Prices could be from less than $500AUD.  Our suggested locations are:

  1. A beachfront restaurant setting in Seminyak. With direct access to the beach for those important photos near the water.
  2. A fabulous rooftop bar at Legian, with wonderful views across the ocean.
  3. A funky and fun beach bar, also at Legian, complete with Bintangs and sunsets!

Your Bali Elopement Ceremony will be written and created for you by an experienced Perth Celebrant, to suit your particular style. Your ceremony will be conducted by our wonderful Indonesian Celebrant, who will ensure that your ceremony is not only fun and relaxed – but also romantic and meaningful.

The actual venues attract separate fees, ranging from approx. $50AUD for the beach bar, to $500AUD (minimum spend) for the rooftop bar.  We can also arrange for the ceremony to be conducted at your own villa or hotel.

The above prices are for non-legal weddings. Legal Weddings in Bali are referred to a local Wedding Planner, as there is quite a bit of administration involved, which ‘Bali Elopement Ceremonies’ does not handle.  For more information regarding making your Bali Wedding legal, go to our Legal Weddings FB page. 

Contact us with your thoughts, so that we can give you a quote for your particular situation. We can include flowers – and can give recommendations for a photographer and a hair and make-up artist.  

Note: Apart from myself, all other vendors in Bali are small, independent operators.  Local people working hard to give great service, at the same time improving the lives of their families and the community. Choosing Bali Elopement Weddings gives you the opportunity to also help the local economy, whilst ensuring that you have simply the most wonderful day……  ?



  1. salman ahmed

    hey dear, i want to mary my g. f. but she is studying in canada and i m stdying in perth. how can we get married and how much it would cost