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Harley and Kylie

On behalf of Harley and myself, we would like to give our utmost "Thankyou and Appreciation" to our Wonderful Celebrant, Liz Hayes. Liz worked tirelessly to make our day JUST PERFECT! Not only was she our celebrant but also our Wedding Planner.

Liz is hoping to do more of these Bali Ceremonies in the future - so if you are like us, and want to keep your day special and meaningful, we highly recommend Liz for your special day.

Thank you Liz for all your hard work.

Harley and Kylie

A Bali Wedding Experience

Couples coming to me for the legal part of their wedding can be assured of lots of valuable ‘local knowledge’

One couple’s story: Kylie and Harley, Jimbaran Bay.

One beautiful Ceremony I conducted was a simple ‘wedding on the beach’ for a young couple who didn’t believe in spending a great deal of  money on a wedding, but they wanted something that reflected them as a couple. They had never been to Bali but they knew they wanted to affirm their commitment to each other, accompanied by their two young children in this special place that they had heard so much about.

Kylie and Harley had always dreamed of one day having a beautiful Ceremony in Bali.  They knew of the island’s deep spirituality, its magic and its beauty, so they asked if I could help to organise their day.  As I was staying in Bali at the time, it was easier to keep my costs low – and as it was not a full legal marriage, I could be creative!

Their requirements were few:  Kylie and Harley wanted a beach, a sunset and some fishing boats.  The beach and the fishing boats was easy – Jimbaran Bay.  But Bali had seen unseasonal rain for the whole month of May and June, so the sunset was looking doubtful…

I engaged local Balinese friends to bring flower girls, to make offerings and to arrange Blessings. We had a Sand Ceremony to involve the children – and the Gods showed kindness – they were gifted a glorious sunset!   Drinks were bought at a local café on the beach at Jimbaran to toast the Happy Couple and they sat together on the sand watching as the fishing boats glided across the horizon.  Magical.  That was an unusual situation, but remains a fabulous memory for me as well as for Kylie and Harley.

Nowadays I don’t take on ‘Event Planning’ such as this: but I have made many wonderful contacts there over the years, so that any couples coming to me for the legal part of their wedding can be assured of lots of valuable ‘local knowledge’!

If you are interested in getting married in Bali, talk to me about the different options.  I can certainly put you in touch with excellent Marriage Celebrants or Event Planners there, who can help you with organising a Full Legal Indonesian Marriage.

Or I can conduct the ‘legals’ here in Australia before you go – sometimes even having this done at the airport can be quite exciting!  Otherwise you might like to have something short and sweet in the garden at home so that others who might not be able to make the trip to Bali can still share in a ‘part’ of your wedding journey…

So – if you are considering a wedding in Bali, I might just be the person you should speak with?  Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have and to chat about some of your ideas.

There might seem to be a lot to think about, but Bali really is a wonderful destination for a romantic and beautiful wedding.