Cost of a Wedding

Daniel and Laura

We can't thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony.
We've had a lot of feed back from our family and friends, everyone commenting on how personal and lovely our service was.

We really appreciate all the work you've done and how you made our day PERFECT.

Thank you again

Daniel and Laura

The Cost of a Wedding

When looking at the budget for your wedding, remember that the ceremony is the central part of the whole event. The ceremony is the marriage – without an authorised Celebrant or a Religious Minister there is no legal standing to the marriage.  

If choosing a personalised, specially written Marriage Ceremony, this can involve many hours of careful preparation and discussion together with your Celebrant. These are the words that will tell your story – and reflect who you are as a couple. Remember also, that the Celebrant is not being paid only for the ceremony itself, but for all the preparation beforehand.

Fees for a wedding ceremony can vary greatly, depending on the day of the week, the venue and how much time will be needed to prepare the readings and vows.  Scripting a perfect wedding takes care and time, both on the part of the Celebrant and of the couple.  

If choosing a simple, midweek ceremony this will usually ensure lower costs from other suppliers as well as celebrants.  A midweek wedding is a great way to stay within a budget!

Fees may include some or all of the following:

  • Preparation and lodgement of legal paperwork i.e. NOIM, Marriage Certificates
  • Preparation, design and writing of your ceremony, usually in regular consultation with the Bride and Groom.
  • Unlimited email exchange and phone calls.
  • Supply of signing table, chairs and PA system for Celebrant use on the day if required
  • Celebrant’s travelling costs

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Weddings can be expensive: there is no doubt about that.  Below are some Fun Facts!  Interestingly the Marriage Celebrant doesn’t even rate a mention…..

According to Bride to Be magazine's 2010 "Cost of Love'' survey, the average wedding in Australia is now setting couples back $29,966 for the big day, plus $7,194 for engagement rings and wedding bands, $7,105 for the honeymoon and $4031 in pre-wedding parties, for a grand total of $48,296 per "I do''.


– Average number of guests at an Australian wedding
– Average reception cost for food and drink
– Average spent on bridal party clothes and accessories
– Average spent to clothe the bride and groom
– Average spend on photography and videography
– Average that couples spend on flowers
– Average spent on transport
– Average spent on the cake
– Average that couples will spend on their honeymoon

These figures are taken from an article by Jessica Irvine, News Limited's National Economics Editor. This article is both interesting and enlightening and certainly worth a read.

I have a fees list on my website as I know how important budgeting ahead can be for some couples.  The fees should be taken as a guide however, as there are other factors to be taken into account.  Feel free to ask.