Neil and Joanne

I was a guest at a wedding on Saturday that Liz was the Marriage Celebrant for…. 

This is the first time I have seen Liz “perform” and must congratulate her on a wonderful job done.   She acted in the most beautiful way, just really facilitating what was important to the couple.   It wasn’t at all about her, it was all about them, which she says is the way she likes to do it!   I also realised what a lot of  hard work had gone into it beforehand to make it a perfect day!   


Your Wedding

Congratulations! What an adventure you are embarking upon.

With it, comes much to think about and so much to do…

Whether yours is a traditional wedding with all the associated rituals and customs; or a simple, quiet occasion, with a small group – your Marriage Ceremony should still be a beautiful and memorable event.

On the actual day of the marriage I will conduct your ceremony in a way that reflects who you are, at the same time helping you to experience a day you will always remember with happiness, joy and pride. Having worked with people from all cultures and walks of life, I have a genuine respect and understanding of different needs and styles.

There are unlimited possibilities for your Wedding in Australia. Some ideas to get you started…

  • Traditional Oz style wedding – complete with Blundstones boots and Akubra hats – on the back of a Ute in the outback.
  • True Beach wedding – complete with boardies and rash vests.
  • ‘Welcome to Country’ – that includes an Aboriginal Elder giving the traditional component of the ceremony perhaps by a river, surrounded by gumtrees.