You want a Wedding Back Home in the UK (but you live in Australia?)

Poms in Perth! Scots in Sydney! Brits in Brisbane!   Want a a Wedding Back Home?  Are you thinking of getting married soon, but not sure how to proceed?  Your families and oldest friends live in the UK, but you live here in Australia.  What can you do about this?stock photo wedding rings

Maybe you would like to have your Wedding Back Home in UK – but realise that you would have to go back to the UK at least 5 weeks beforehand?  That’s a lot of time off work!   But there is a way around this…..

You can keep everyone happy.  You can have your  “Wedding Back Home” with family and friends.  Just save the legal registration for when you meet with me (or any Celebrant of your choice) in Australia on your return. We can then legalise your UK wedding in a simple and discreet 10 minute ceremony – perhaps over a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne?  For as little as $300AUD.  Contact me here for more information.  Or call me on +61 424703399.

The other advantage to this way of having your Wedding Back Home, is that you can have this at a venue of your choice in the UK.  You won’t be limited to a Registry Office or a Licensed Venue – you could choose a restaurant or a pub garden or your parents’ home for example.   There are wonderful Celebrants in the  UK who can write and conduct your own personalised Wedding Ceremony, using your words and your stories woven through the script to create something completely unique to you.  Because you will be having ‘the legals’ conducted later in Australia, you can break all the rules with your Wedding Back Home!

Remember, when a baby is born, the registrar doesn’t have to be in the room for that particular occasion!  Same with your wedding…..  Just as the birth of a baby is registered later, the same can be done for your Wedding!


  1. Elise

    Hi Liz

    I was thinking of doing it the opposite way, getting married here in Australia very small just my partner and I (maybe a few friends and of course our baby boy) and then having a blessing at home? Is that something people do too?

    Many Thanks & Kind Regards

    Elise Stuart

    • Hi Elise, for some reason I didn’t get notified of your question, so apologies for this late reply. Yes, people do sometimes have their legal ceremony first, but there are many reasons why it can be nicer to ‘tidy up the paperwork’ on your return to Australia. One reason is that you feel so much better saying your vows and exchanging wedding rings for the very first time at your Real Wedding Day Celebration with family and friends. If you are ‘already married’ it can make couples feel a little bit uncomfortable. But there are no legal reasons for choosing one way or another. Please contact me via the contact page or send me an email so that I can help you further. I am very happy to chat with you about this. Or my FB page is another good way to reach me. Just search for Liz Hayes Celebrant in FB. Thanks for the enquiry – and congratulations! :)