Surprise Wedding?

Surprise Wedding?

Can it be done?  How is it done?  Is it legal?

The lovely thing about Surprise Weddings is that they take away all the stress and expense of organising a big event.  Usually a Surprise Wedding will be held at a gathering that has already been arranged.

It can be done in a matter of weeks (4 weeks’ notice to the celebrant needed if the wedding is to be fully legal on the day, so that the Notice of Intended Marriage can be completed).  Or you can arrange the Wedding in a matter of days, if you don’t mind the brief, legalising ceremony taking place at a later date.

I have just taken a booking for a Surprise Wedding to be held at the couple’s home on Christmas Day, with only 10 days’ notice.  We will have a short meeting 3 weeks later for the legal ceremony, with only 2 witnesses.  They realised that as the whole family was going to be together for the first time in years, that it was the perfect opportunity.


1.     No stress or anxiety for you in the planning.

2.     No pressure on your guests to take extra time off work, or to buy presents.

3.     Very emotional, exciting and fun.


1.     Can be difficult to keep the secret.

2.     Guests might be missing, who would have definitely attended had they known it was a wedding.

3.     No presents.

If you think a Surprise Wedding is for you, then contact me on my website:   or phone me on 0424703399.

Surprise Weddings can be such fantastic fun!!  (But no, you cannot surprise each other… that is definitely NOT legal. ?  Only the guests can be surprised.)

Surprise Wedding!