1. It is a requirement of the Indonesian Government that for a Marriage to be conducted legally in Indonesia, there must be a religious ceremony too. Both partners should be of the same religion.

2. For a legal marriage to take place in Indonesia, the couple will be required to attend the Australian Consulate in Bali, before the marriage takes place, in order to lodge and pay for a Notice of No Impediment to the marriage. (Currently 110AUD for Australian Citizens).

Legal Wedding

Simple Legal Registration of Your Bali Wedding

3. On return to Australia, if there has been a name change on marriage, this can be formalised by applying to the Office of Births Deaths and Marriages for a Legal Name Change. (An Australian Marriage Certificate will not be issued, as an Australian Marriage has not been conducted.)

4. Many couples would prefer to spend their time overseas ‘doing the fun stuff’ rather than being involved in the administration processes of having a full Indonesian Legal Marriage.

5. The Marriage itself must involve a Religious Minister of whichever faith has been chosen, often causing the ceremony to be a little disjointed.

6. There is a requirement for a government official to attend the ceremony – or for the couple to visit the appropriate office after the wedding in order to register the marriage with the Indonesian Government. Usual practice is for this Official (a Catatan Sipil) to attend the wedding to complete the formalities.

7. Record keeping in Australia, through the Offices of Births Deaths and Marriages are excellent. If at some stage in the future, the couple needs copies of certificates, this can often present problems if the Marriage has taken place overseas.
Having a ‘Destination Wedding’ legally registered on returning to Australia, is a simple process. Contact me, so that I can explain how this can be done, from as low as $300.

(this information is aimed at Australian citizens only: citizens of other countries should enquire separately for their relevant information).