Bali Weddings in The Rainy Season

Bali Weddings in The Rainy Season!

Bali is in the tropics, with frequent tropical rain showers, particularly from November to March.  Even if you choose the Dry Season, nothing is guaranteed!  Don’t worry – you can simply hire a Pawang Hujan (Rain Guide) for your Special Day?

Yes, it is possible to employ the services of a Rain Guide!  These Holy Men, who possess such magical powers, do not completely stop the rain from falling: they just ‘transfer’ it to somewhere else.

Katrina Simorangkir, the owner of Bali Weddings International, says “we certainly offer this service to our guests who are here for the wet season and so far (21 years is not a bad run) it has always worked”.  Katrina usually books a Rain Guide who lives near the wedding venue, but also relates this story, illustrating how seriously Indonesians view this service.

Says Katrina, “We were the organisers for a large wedding group from Java – and the bride had her own Pawang Hujan. He was apparently sitting on a hill in Java and controlling the rain in Bali.  This couple married in the Catholic Church in Tuban and their guests were transported by buses, first to the Church; then from the Church to the Reception venue in Seminyak.  I remember it poured with rain every time they were on the buses, but with the rain stopping every time they disembarked!

The hotel had been so worried about the rain for this very big garden event due to the rain they had experienced during the day BUT there was not a drop as the Bridal Party and guests walked from the buses to the garden of the resort.  The Hotel management was stunned to learn that the bride’s Pawang Hujan was taking care of it all from Java!”

Rohan, of the wedding planning company, Beyond Events Bali, says, “We definitely use rain men all the time and they work too – we escaped any wet weddings so far, thankfully…”

The services of a Pawang Hujan (who might spend 3-4 days working and fasting on behalf of the bride and groom) can cost between $100 – $300.

Apparently, when black clouds threatened John Paul II’s visit to Jakarta in October 1989, the talents of a Pawang Hujan were also on hand. (I wonder if the Pope knew?)

As you can see, Weddings in Bali can open up a whole new world…..

I conduct Weddings in Western Australia during our summer months, moving to Bali from June to August each year, to perform Marriage Ceremonies there.  During my time in Perth, I also perform ‘legals’ for couples planning exotic Destination Weddings.  This option is for those who would prefer to concentrate on the fun of organising their Wedding in Bali, without having to worry about the legalities and extra formalities of a full Indonesian Marriage.

If you are considering a Bali Wedding, do make sure to choose a Celebrant with experience.  Also, be clear about what is included in the cost – as many wedding quotes do not include the full Indonesian Legal component.

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