Budget Weddings

Budget Weddings

So it’s 2019.

And you have met the woman or the man of your dreams. The one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Yes, you want to get married, but money is tight.  What should you do? Do you keep waiting for things to get better and keep saving up for that dream wedding?  Or do you bite the bullet and get married now?  Facing the challenges together, growing as a couple and building your solid financial wellbeing together, side by side?  For better or for worse.

Things to consider:

I have a couple of suggestions…. So that you CAN draw that line in the sand and face the future as husband and wife earlier than you thought.

1.     Meet with a Celebrant (mobile registry office ? ) at the park, with a bottle of champagne, some cheese and biscuits and a bunch of roses from the garden.


An Elopement Ceremony by the Swan River maybe? Or at the beach?  What could be more romantic.  <3


After this, perhaps you can just let people know what you have done and leave it at that – or you can invite everyone to the pub for a celebration drink at the weekend?


2.     You want something more ‘weddingy’?  Wedding outfits, Cars, Reception, Bridal parties etc.  A wedding ceremony with family and friends as your witnesses?  Well, why not try to plan a budget wedding?


If you choose a week day wedding, immediately you will cut costs considerably – plus you won’t have the problems with venue availability etc.  Yes, people may have to take a day or two off work – but you’re not asking them to go to Bali for a week!


The British Royal Family always used to have their weddings on Thursdays, but I don’t think it was for the discounts somehow ?


There are a number of DIY Wedding FB pages; and lots of ways to keep costs down – but the first saving will be on choosing a less popular day of the week.  I recently conducted a full wedding ceremony, with beautiful cars, full Bridal Parties etc, at a popular Perth venue, on a Wednesday.  It was wonderful…  This venue is usually difficult on Saturdays, with several weddings often at the same time. Traffic and congestion can be a problem. But for this wedding, it felt like marrying film stars or VIP’s, with having the whole venue to themselves.  Really special.

Time is not forever and each day is precious.

Wouldn’t you rather be spending it together? And in years ahead, when finances are stronger, you can organise your Big Wedding Day, perhaps with your children as the bridal party?  Your Certificate won’t be a legal one from BDM, but the day itself can be a wonderful affirmation of your love for each other and what you achieved together.  Very beautiful.

Contact me today, if you would like to talk through some ideas and see how creative you can be with this, so that you can work together to make your dreams come true – starting sooner rather than later!

Budget Weddings