Robert & Kayoko

Many thanks for your kind words, caring for us and wonderful marriage ceremony. Yes, everything was perfect ... and we can't get much better than that. It was a very happy occasion and many guests have commented about how lovely the ceremony and reception were. 

Robert & Kayoko


Wedding Ceremony Pricing

Budgeting is important for most couples planning a wedding.  Each ceremony is different and there are many factors to take into consideration.  However I have tried to provide some guidelines below, that will give you an idea of the fees involved in various types of ceremonies that I offer.

For a weekend wedding taking place mid-afternoon, my prices vary between $700 and $800. Midweek the price would usually be much lower.  These prices will depend on a number of factors, such as location, if a PA is required, number of guests etc.  I am certainly not the lowest priced Celebrant in Perth – however I do aim to create a beautiful and memorable ceremony for you. This can take many hours, and often involves many email exchanges.

I am also happy to work closely with your photographer to make sure that he/she is able to capture the beautiful photos that you will treasure in years to come.

Standard fees:

For a Weekend Afternoon Ceremony:

Fully personalised Ceremony $700 – $800
Tailored Ceremony
(less detail, but still personal)
$550 – $700

‘Legals only’ (registry style) fees:

For those couples who simply want to legalise their marriage with no fuss, there is the option of having a brief, simple Marriage Ceremony, conducted by myself or one of my colleagues, Monday to Thursday, between 7am and 8pm.  This ceremony would take place in a limited number of locations, close to my office in Wembley Downs or the CBD.  This is particularly suited to couples who are having their Wedding Celebration Ceremony overseas.  For a ceremony such as this, the price is $350.  (If wishing to book a different day of the week, the price to be discussed.)

This fee includes lodgement of the the Notice of Intended Marriage (at least one month before); unlimited email exchange and telephone contact; the provision and management of all required legal documentation as well as the ceremony itself.  This price does not include a rehearsal; nor does it include the additional Official Marriage Certificate from the Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages which is sometimes required by other countries or by the Australian Passport Office.

‘Outside the box’ fees: 

Weekend Morning Ceremonies less  5% of the Standard Fee
Fridays less 10% of the Standard Fee
Monday – Thursday less 15% of the Standard Fee

As you can see, for a simple midweek ceremony, using a pre-written script the price could be as low as $470! This for a Ceremony that could still be held at a place and time to suit you.  For example a small ceremony in a park on a late afternoon during the week could be followed by a glass of champagne and a picnic with family and a couple of friends.  No need to fight with central Perth traffic and find parking in the City!

How simply perfect……


Other Ceremony Pricing

Commitment Ceremonies or Same Sex Ceremonies:

When conducting these beautiful ceremonies, I take just as much care as if I were celebrating a Legal Wedding.  As there is no documentation for the office of Births Deaths and Marriages, I offer a $50 reduction.  Other than that, I believe that these Ceremonies should be treated with as much honour and respect as a full Legal Marriage.

Renewal of Vows Price on Application
Boat Blessings Price on Application
Naming Ceremonies Price on Application