Photographer - Belinda Radalj

It too was a pleasure to work with you Liz. Thank you for contacting me to go through the ceremony and looking after my needs as a photographer. It's that kind of service that puts you above and beyond all the rest, and I will gladly recommend you in the future :)

Hope to see you at another wedding one day soon.

Belinda Radalj - Photographer

Pre-written Ceremony

There can be many reasons for a couple to choose a simple, pre-written Ceremony. If you are a very private couple, this might be the choice for you.

Often overseas couples choose this option because of the language barrier or the couple will possibly have another ‘wedding' at a later date which is more in keeping with their culture, language or tradition. For this reason, they would like to choose something meaningful, but not necessarily written personally for them.

Please note: A second ‘wedding ceremony’ would actually be a Commitment Ceremony, if taking place in Australia. Likewise, if a couple were already legally married overseas, it is likely that any Australian ‘wedding ceremony’ subsequently taking place would in fact also be a Commitment Ceremony.