Sean and Sisilia

We just would like to formally thank you so much for the brilliant job you did on our wedding in January 2021. You gave us so much help and guidance both before/during and after the service under such difficult times with the pandemic making just being able to get together in the same country such a difficult process. We both feel blessed and lucky to have found you, and look forward to spending quality time as friends in both Bali and Perth in the future.

Sean and Sisilia

Short and Sweet

For some couples, the idea of a big wedding with all the expense, organisation, excitement and drama is definitely the last thing they want. They just want to get married.

Often these couples simply book an appointment at their local Registry Office, believing that’s the only option. There are alternatives – which means couples have choices about timing and venues.

It is absolutely possible to have a ‘low key’ marriage ceremony that is still dignified and joyful.

You can choose to have a minimal script, with the proceedings taking less than 15 minutes.

Getting married at Breakfast or during a Sundowner might be rather lovely?

All that is needed are 2 witnesses over the age of 18 – they don’t even have to be known to the couple.  How much fun to invite 2 strangers from a nearby table in a restaurant for instance!!   Wouldn’t they have a story to tell the next day…..