Destinations – wedding flower girls

Matt and Kate

A short note to thank you for all of your tireless work and dedication to ensure that our wedding service was so perfect.  I have enclosed some photos that I think show what a joy filled day it was.  All the thought and effort you put in is truly appreciated.

Matt and Kate

Weddings in Other Countries

More than 25% of WA’s population was born in another country. That is the highest percentage in Australia. In days gone by, many of these would have come from Europe, but increasingly our population is made up of migrants from other parts of the world, such as China, India, South America, Malaysia and Indonesia, to name but a few.

A great number of these migrants have started new lives here; having met their future spouse and settling down to live in their new homeland. Unlike the early days of immigration when the cost and time taken to travel home was prohibitive, these latter day adventurers usually keep in regular contact with their families of origin.

It is a common practice for many who meet their fiancé/ee(s) here, to have a simple legal marriage ceremony and then return to their country of origin at a later, more convenient, date to have the Full Traditional Wedding Ceremony. These sometimes last several days and can include hundreds of people – particularly in places like Indonesia or India.

If you require a legal marriage ceremony in Australia, I can offer you an alternative to the inner city Registry Office.  At a reasonable price, you can still have a simple, legal ceremony – but one in a setting of your choosing – and at a time of day that suits you. Maybe you would like a sunrise ceremony over the city with breakfast to follow? Or say your vows at sunset on the beach with a glass of bubbles to toast the occasion? Whatever your taste, we can create something special.

For information on the cost of a simple legal wedding, please see the Pricing page on this website.