Simple Wedding overlooking the Swan River

Swan River WeddingA simple wedding overlooking the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia can be very beautiful, even if only a few guests.  Have a look at this fabulous photo and see if you would like this for your combined wedding/ honeymoon in Western Australia……  Australia also happens to be one of the simplest places in the world to get married.  There is no need to spend weeks in the country beforehand – in fact you can get married as soon as you get through Immigration – leaving you free to go off on your travels immediately!  There is a document that needs to be completed and legally witnessed at least 4 weeks ahead, but that can all be done in your own country and then emailed to your celebrant.   Contact me for a chat or email me if you have some questions about this.   PS. You don’t need to be coming from another country to ‘elope’ either, you know…

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